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JAX Longboarding - home of the two finest longboarders in Edmonds, Washington, ACE and JAX

JAX / ACE / Locations / Photo Gallery / The Opossum / Cops / More Stuff
Longboarding - Your one stop site for Longboarding Tips and Information.
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Your one stop site for Longboarding Tips and Information.

Competition Rules & Regs / How To / Links / Slalom / Board Flex / Angled Risers / Terms / Tricks / Comments / Subscribe / Pictures / The Team / Free Ramp Plans / Build Your Own Longboard / My boards
Davis Longboarding Association - Davis, Calif.
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Davis Longboarding Association - Davis, Calif.

Website of the Davis Longboarding Association. Founded in October of 2000!
Ncdsa.com - Downhill, Slalom, and Longboard Skateboarding
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Ncdsa.com is an active online community of downhill skateboarders that features lively discussion forums covering slalom, longboarding, speedboarding, street luge, pools & parks, as well as equipment reviews on all the latest gear. Renowned for its freewheeling pub-like atmosphere, it’s a place to hang out, speak out, and take in all things old school. Ncdsa’s members post from all over the world and range in age from five to fifties. Established in 1996, Ncdsa is one of the Web’s oldest and largest online skateboarding communities and is proud to have continuously promoted helmet usage and riding safety since its inception.
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