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mkv2vob - Konvertiere .mkv nach .vob für die Playstation 3 (PS3)
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Konvertiert .mkv-Files nach .vob-Files - welche auf der PS3 angeschaut werden können. Es können auch mehrere Files gleichzeitig (Batchmodus) konvertiert werden... Freeware!

A program which will remux mkv with x264 video and AC3 audio to a vob file which is playable on the sony ps3. No transcoding/ recompression is done(mpeg2 transcoding for some files that wont work on the ps3), the streams are simply split and mux into the vob.
Yellow Dog Linux - Linux auf PS3 installieren
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Yellow Dog Linux - Das Linux für den Cell-Prozessor der PS3! Kostenlos runterladen...

Terra Soft Solutions is the developer of the world renowned Yellow Dog Linux, a CentOS based operating system with 100% focus on
the Power architecture. Yellow Dog Linux is the leading commercial Cell (CelL/BE) OS with support for the Sony PS3, IBM QS2x family, and Mercury Cell blades. Terra
Soft offers turn-key solutions built upon industry leading OEM solutions and provides enterprise level support for its Board Support Packages.
GOTSent - .MKV to PS3 Converter
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Easy and Fast h264 .MKV to PS3 and XBOX 360 compatible MP4 and PS3 compatible M2TS/AC3 conversion.

recoding to Xvid, mpeg2 and compatible h264 (with hardcoded subtitles) is also supported.
PS3 Media Center X - Stream Media to PS3
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PS3 Media Center X lets you to stream photos, music and Video to your PS3..
PS3 Video 9 - PlayStation 3 Video Converter
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PS3 Video 9 is a free PlayStation 3 video conversion and management application..

Convert video files (like avi, divx, mpeg, etc.) into the specific video formats that are playable on the PlayStation 3.
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