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DB2 Basics - DB2 HOW TOs
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DB2 Basics - DB2 HOW TOs

Start an instance - Stopping the instance - Connect to the database as instance owner - Create a table/schema/alias/index - Drop a database - Alter database - GrantPermissions by Users - Delete Records from a table - Import/Load Command - Special Commands
DB2 - SQLCODE - SQLSTATE - sql code
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overview about the db2 sql codes. What is the sql code in the error message standing for? Get here the answers...

Listing of SQLSTATE class codes / SQLSTATE values
DB2 Survival Guide
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DB2 Survival Guide - DB2 Environment Basics

Create a Database - Create a Table in a Database - How-To use DB2 Command Center - How-To use DB2 Control Center - How-To use Command Line Processor - DB2 Scripts - Basic SQL for DB2 (examples) - Data Types
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IBM DB2 data servers are cost effective database platforms to build ondemand applications..

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