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Ardour is a digital audio workstation. You can use it to record, edit and mix multi-track audio. Produce your own CD's. Mix video soundtracks. Experiment with new ideas about music and sound. Generate sound installations for 12 speaker gallery shows. Have Fun.

Freeware! Kostenloser Download!!
Hydrogen | advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux
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Hydrogen is an advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux. It's main goal is to bring professional yet simple and intuitive pattern-based drum programming.
LMMS - easy music-production for everyone
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LMMS ist eine kostenlose Alternative zu den populären kommerziellen Programmen wie FruityLoops, Cubase und Logic.

LMMS gibt Dir die viele Möglichkeiten Musik zu produzieren... Z.B. creating cool loops, synthesizing and mixing sounds, arranging samples, having more fun with your MIDI-keyboard and much more..
d y n e : b o l i c -- a free multimedia studio in a GNU/Linux live CD
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dyne:bolic is shaped on the needs of media activists, artists and creatives as a practical tool for multimedia production: you can manipulate and broadcast both sound and video with tools to record, edit, encode and stream, having automatically recognized most device and peripherals: audio, video, TV, network cards, firewire, usb and more; all using only free software!
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - ALSA
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The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) provides audio and MIDI functionality to the Linux operating system
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JACK is a low-latency audio server, written for POSIX conformant operating systems such as GNU/Linux and Apple's OS X. It can connect a number of different applications to an audio device, as well as allowing them to share audio between themselves. Its clients can run in their own processes (ie. as normal applications), or can they can run within the JACK server (ie. as a "plugin").

JACK was designed from the ground up for professional audio work, and its design focuses on two key areas: synchronous execution of all clients, and low latency operation.
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