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InstaForex trading conditions are multifunctional instruments for managing funds on Forex market, also Instaforex providing high-quality forex trading
SecondMarket.com - SecondMarket - Auction-rate securities
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Auction-rate securities are long-term securities issued by closed end funds, student loan lenders, and municipalities. They were originally sold as liquid, short-term investments until the traditional secondary market began failing in February 2008. SecondMarket has emerged as the secondary market for the remaining $200 billion in ARS, enabling sellers to achieve liquidity while providing buyers the opportunity to invest in solid long-term instruments that provide superior yields.
sharespost.com - buy and sell private equity
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SharesPost connects buyers and sellers of stock in the most attractive private companies, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. We give our members the information and tools to make transactions cheap, fast and easy.
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