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Blue Water Sailing
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Blue Water Sailing Magazine: The World's Best Cruising Magazine
SwissboatYachting Das Schweizer Yachtmagazin
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"SwissboatYachting" Das Schweizer Yachtmagazin

Nautische Zeitschrift, sbo, Swissboat, Yachting, Schweizer Yachtmagazin, Segeln, Segelyachten, Wassersport, Werften, Yachten Yachtmagazin, Schweiz.
Sailing Magazine
PageRank 4
Since 1966 SAILING Magazine has been the sailor's magazine. SAILING has monthly columns by yacht designer Bob Perry, carries the largest boat tests done by any American sailing magazines, and elaborate monthly departments cover gear, technology, sailing technique, sailing news, and hard-hitting opinion by publisher-editor Bill Schanen and columnists Red Marston and Chris Caswell.
Sailing - Inland and Offshore Magazine
PageRank 4
Reports include in-depth technical features on the art and science of sailing, analysis of advances in equipment design and anecdotal coverage of all yachting events -
Located in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa - Yachting Magazine
PageRank 6
Yachting Magazine - since 1907

Video / Photos / Boats / Cruising Yachtsman / Electronics / Charter / Gear / The Yachting Life / Yacht Yard / Performance / Weather / Store / Subscribe
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