Tuscany Trail - Unsupported Bicycle Adventure (Toskana, Italien)

Tuscany Trail - Unsupported Bicycle Adventure (Toskana, Italien)
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Beschreibung Tuscany Trail - Unsupported Bicycle Adventure - A TRULY UNIQUE ADVENTURE

ONE STAGE: The route will be one long lap; you decide where & when to stop to eat and where & when (and if) to stop to sleep. Absolute freedom of choice.

GPS: Follow the whole route thanks to the GPS track that will be sent to you after registering. You have to follow the whole route without shortcuts. Pure riding joy from the first to the last kilometre.

SELF-SUPPORTED: No assistance from the organisers, and no support vehicles in tow; just you and your bike.

NO STOPWATCH: There is no time limit; you decide the pace and the time of arrival at the finish. Regardless it shall be a great adventure.
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